Preparation for Ministry

In keeping with the Book of Order, the committee shall:

  1. Oversee the preparation of the inquirers and candidates for their task as teaching elders as provided in the Book of Order (G-2.06).
  2. Have the authority to dismiss candidates and enroll inquirers, reporting to the next stated meeting of presbytery.
  3. Follow the interpretation of its responsibilities as determined by the appropriate agency of the general assembly.
  4. In regard to making exceptions to the requirements for candidacy, the "extraordinary candidate" (G-2.0610) shall be one who has demonstrated inability to fulfill a requirement. The lack of fulfillment should not reflect diminished scholarship or preparedness or effectiveness in or for ministry.
  5. Oversee the training and preparation of prospective commissioned lay pastors. Once this committee determines that they are adequately prepared, the Committee on Ministry will be advised and may proceed to commission them when and if desired.